Want to save a lot of money in your divorce or other legal action? Perhaps you should consider mediation.


Mediation is a process in which we help both sides work toward an agreement. That agreement is reduced to writing and, in the case of a divorce, is submitted for court approval at a brief hearing. The court approves what you have agreed upon – no changes, no surprises.


Mediation can be done in cases whether the parties have attorneys or not. In cases where neither side has an attorney, using a mediator can also help guide both parties through the complex legal system, making sure you know what steps need to be completed and what documents need to be filed. We are finding that many parties in divorce cases don’t want the expense of attorneys but are nervous about all the legal steps required in the divorce process. For them, mediation is the perfect solution.


In the role of mediator, a lawyer cannot give legal advice to either party. However, we can often suggest options for resolving the issues of your divorce or other legal dispute that you may not have considered. Creativity and a thorough knowledge of the law can frequently result in a settlement that benefits both parties.


Mediation can be used to resolve cases that are very simple or very complicated. The most important requirement is two parties who would like to try to resolve their case by negotiation rather than spending all their money on litigation. We offer a free half hour consultation with the two parties together to help you decide if this approach is right for you.


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