Adoption is a complex yet wonderful area of the law. There are international adoptions, interstate adoptions, agency adoptions, private adoptions, state/foster parent adoptions, step-parent adoptions and relative adoptions. The process differs for each type and we would be happy to discuss your specific needs with you.


Most adoptions involve termination of the birthparents' parental rights to make the child available for adoption. In international and interstate adoptions the termination of parental rights may be handled elsewhere and under different law.


If you are interested in adoption, there are excellent local agencies which can help you through the process of finding a child or finding a family to adopt your child. The courts are supportive of birthparents who choose adoption for their child, knowing they will give a true gift to the child and the adoptive family.


If you are ready to adopt or to place your child for adoption, we can assist you through the legal process and put you in contact with local agencies for any needed studies or reports. We will assist you in preparing the documents and getting to court for the approval of your adoption petition. Generally, adoption hearings are positive events, putting a smile on the face of the judge and attorney as well as the lucky family and child. You will be encouraged to bring a camera and record the event. Most likely the judge will be willing to pose for a picture.


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